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The costs associated with supply chain sourcing continue to go up and be a major disruption to the supply chain. As we have navigated this pandemic, we have seen the demand for ocean vessels and containers spike over the last year. All points of the supply chain process have been impacted.

  • Ocean Vessels
  • Containers
  • Transportation
  • Resources​

DaySpring has absorbed as much of the increased costs as it is able.

To help defer costs we began assessing a 5% Supply Chain Surcharge on wholesale order value for all orders starting October 1st, 2021. We sent a letter to all retailers impacted at that time.

With the uncertainty of the future impact of the pandemic, DaySpring is hoping that we will be able to pull back this supply chain surcharge when we see relief in the supply chain issues and costs begin to subside.

Thank you for your partnership and understanding.