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Making Payments Easier

As new content for 2014 we are adding the ability to pay invoices and apply credits for you accounts via an ACH or Automated Clearing House transaction with a bank account. This payment method has no fees to either us at DaySpring or you as our business partner and provides a safe electronic way to do business payments. 

Like writing an electronic check

With Web Payments you'll be able to safely provide us with bank account information and then make payments for your accounts. Then daily we'll process these payments electronically and send them to our bank, Bank of America. Our bank then electronically contacts your bank account to make a debit to your account. It's basically the same process as a paper check would involve only without the delays and dangers of sending that check through the mail.

Good for both of us

We hope you'll find this 24/7 availability to make a payment with us easier, faster and safer than other methods. We want to make it easier and easier for you to do business with us. The Retailer Website is an ongoing effort to do that. Web Payments is just one more tool in the toolbox for that effort.