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It all depends on what type of account you are with us and what information is relevant to you. If you have questions about content you cannot access please see our Contact Us page and use the "Send Us a Message Right Now" option and choose give feedback about this website.

A number of subject areas to answer most questions

We've divided up the site into subjects to help you find the information that addresses your questions. Choose one of these subjects from the FAQs drop down menu or click on a subject below to directly to it. Each subject then has links on the left side of the page and the explanations on the right.


Website overview

Highlighting the major pages and drop down menus of the entire site


Web Orders

Covering our number one recommended way to place an online order for any currently shipping items.


Web Returns

Covering our online method to complete a Seasonal return online for faster easier Credit dollars to you.


Web Payments

Covering the easy way to make a payment online 24 7 using your bank account. And it's the only place you can independently choose the Invoices you want to pay AND apply your Credits to bring down the amount of the payment you make.


Video Training

Find easy to understand videos that can help with how to use the website and its tools.


Learn about DaySpring

Find out the heritage and heart behind our company.