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Fast Start: Make a payment!

Want to skip everything else and make a payment? No problem!

Go to the Pay drop down menu and select Make Payment. A separate window will pop up welcoming you to Web Payments.

You'll need to set a password

Since Web Payments does involve providing Bank Account information we want to give you the safety of a second password that can be different than your normal Retailer Website password.

Read and check that you agree to the Terms of the System

This is your way of letting us know that you understand and agree to the legal aspects of Web Payments.

Add a Bank Account

Click the Add Bank button. You'll need the Routing Number of your bank and your account number. And you'll need to give the account a name of your choosing to see on screen during Web Payments.

Give your payment a unique number that's meaningful to you

If you want a certain number for your own reference you can enter that as an Optional Reference Number.

Check the Invoices you wish to pay and the Credits you wish to apply

The only requirement is that these add up to a payment that is more than 0 dollars. You'll see the running total appear on the page.

Click the Submit Payment

It's that easy! You'll see a summary of your payment and have the option to print it if you want to.

Your payment now appears on the Payment Status screen

Go to the Pay drop down menu and choose Payment Status to see your payment and be able to drill down to the detail. If you are already on that page you may need to refresh the screen for the payment to appear.