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Who can use it?

If you pay the bills you can use Web Payments to do that

Web Payments is a tool for the account that pays for Invoices and may receive Credits. This is usually what we call the Corporate or parent account. In the case of a single account with us that's the account itself. In the case of multiple accounts or a chain that's usually the original account that was set up. However, chain accounts can be set up so individual accounts can pay their own bills with us as well.

If you are not set up to pay the bills, Web Payments won't show you any to pay

For any account not set up to pay bills with us you could still open up Web Payments but there won't be Invoices to pay. If you click on Make Payment you'll get the Welcome Screen, be able to agree to Terms of the System, set up a password and continue on. But when you get to the screen where you choose the Invoices and Credits to apply to your payment there simply won't be any Invoices for you to select. There will be nothing to pay.