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Agreeing to Terms

There are legal aspects to Web Payments

These are outlined in our terms of the system window which has a link on the Welcome screen. We want you to read and understand these terms just like any other legally binding part of our business with you. Click here to see the Terms.

Checking the box is saying you agree to the Terms

By checking the box it's like giving us an electronic signature. Once you check the box and click Continue we record the date and time for our records. You must click Continue for us to record that the box was checked and you cannot move forward until the box is checked.

You can't use Web Payments unless you agree to the Terms

You will not be able to proceed to make a payment unless the check box is checked. This is true every time you open Web Payments to use it. When you check the box it will be set to remain checked when you return. Please note that the combination of providing the correct password and checking the box will let you continue in Web Payments. Unchecking the box does not prevent the next person opening Web Payments from checking the box and continuing on if they have the correct password.