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Bank Accounts

You need to enter at least one Bank Account's information to use Web Payments

You can't make a Web Payment without us having your Bank Account information. So we work hard to keep your information safe.

Bank Routing Number

These numbers identify banks and are both unique to each bank and are public information. You should be able to find them on your paper checks, bank statements or look them up on the web. Please note that they 9 digit codes and often start with 0. The 0 must be entered for the number to work.

Since they are public information we are able to check the Routing Number when you enter it. After you click out of the Routing Number field we'll use the web to check the number. If you have entered a valid number we'll display a shortened name of the bank on the screen so you know if that's the bank you want. If it's not a valid number we will tell you on screen.

Account Numbers

You will need to enter your Account Number twice to make sure you enter it correctly. This is the ONLY time we will ever show your complete Account Number to you on screen. After the Account is saved we only show you the last 3 digits of the number and the name you give the account. This helps protect your Account Number from being shown to anyone around you.

To further protect your Account Numbers we encrypt the numbers in our system so they cannot be viewed or directly accessed by our employees. As with any financial business with our customers only trusted financial employees handle your payments and even they do not see your account number directly.

Checking or Savings?

For ACH transactions like what we are using in Web Payments you need to identify what type of account it is.

A name for your account

We ask you to give each account a name to help you identify the account easily. The name you give it is up to you. PLEASE NOTE: It must be 16 characters or less.

Setting a default account

To make things easy and fast we have the default bank account showing when you get to the payment screen. If you don't choose another account for the payment the default will be used. Use the show as default button to choose a new account you enter to be your new default.