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Choosing what to pay

Time to make some choices

Once you reach the payment screen you'll see any Invoices for any of your accounts that have not yet been paid. Anything past due will have the Due Date in red. You'll also see and Credits that have been earned but not yet applied to your accounts. By clicking the check box to the far right of an item you will add it to the payment.

The amount of your payment will be shown

As you choose items on the list a running total for your payment will show on the screen.

We're positive the amount needs to be more than 0 dollars

You can choose as many of the available items on the list to add to your payment. But they must add up to a positive number. You can't pay negative or zero amounts with an ACH transaction from your bank so we don't allow you to submit a payment that is 0 dollars or less.

Need to look at a single account in your chain?

Use the filter to see just the Invoices and Credits for that account. Remember that things you have added to the payment may not show when you do this but they are still selected and a part of your payment.

Sort columns to help you look at things

Click above a column to sort by it.

Want to pay it all?

Use the select all above the item boxes on the far right.

Can't remember what an item is or want to see the detail?

Click on the Document Number to open a PDF of the item. These will be the same documents available through the My Account drop down menu and Invoices and Credits there.

Want to track your payment with your own number?

Then enter it in the optional reference number field.