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Web Payments Status page

Your payments show up on the Payment Status page

Once you make a payment go to the Pay drop down menu and choose Payment Status. If you were on the page before you made the payment you may need to refresh the page to have it show up.

Summary level information is listed

Each payment will be given a Payment ID number which will show in the Payment ID column. You can use this number to talk to us about a specific payment. Other information includes the Bank Account (by name only), payment Status and Amount. 

From Pending to Posted

When you submit a payment to us it will be shown as Pending status. When we process it through during our business day afternoon payment handling it will move to Posted and the Posted Date will show for that day. See the Timing section for more understanding on this.

Drill down to detail information

Click on a Web Payment ID number and the screen will change to the details of that payment. You'll see that each Invoice or Credit in the payment has received a unique Detail number. The Document number refers to the original Invoice or Credit and is a link you can click on to open the PDF just like you can from the Invoices and Credits menu choices on the My Account drop down menu.