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Product Opportunities

Analysis just for you

We want you to know about opportunities you might have to grow your business. So we provide some specific areas of analysis to provide you with a chance to take action to improve your chances for success.

Back in stock/Out of stock

Sometimes we don't have the product you order in stock at the time of a shipment. But they do come back in. This page will show you anything we were not able to ship you in the last 60 days. If they have come back in stock and can be added to your next order they will show Yes in the Available column.

Check everyday box level

We offer our Independent customers a discount based on the quantity of boxes they purchase in a year. The discount is then applied in the following year. Check your progress towards next year's discount.

Review seasonal counter 

We highly recommend you sign up for our automatic seasonal product lines to ensure you have the popular holiday and seasonal cards coming to your store at the right time each year. Check this page to see what you are currently signed up for.