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Pocket Lookup

A way to check where a product goes

This works for all your DaySpring gridded or controlled systems. Anything appearing on a current grid. Check out the Grids FAQs page for more info on grids.

Click on the link to start the process 

A smaller page will pop up and begin to load the information for your store. This may take a few minutes.

Then you can look up a product or a location

Once the page is finished loading you can enter a location (A33); the 5 digit item number we call the prime (22826); or a UPC (081983366284) and click the Lookup button or hit enter to look up a product.

If it doesn't find a location

If the item loads but the location is blank it means this is a currently shipping product but is not listed in any of your current grids.

If it doesn't find the product

If you enter a product that is not currently shipping you'll receive a message stating it does not appear to be a current location, prime or item.