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Preferences in Web Orders

Preferences allow you, the retailer, to control certain aspects of the creation of an order

We store these preferences at DaySpring each time you submit an order. For large chains of stores we lock these down so individual stores cannot change them.

*NEW NOV 14* You must click the More button to reveal the preferences area.

You can then click the Less button to collapse this section again.

Retailers that are part of a large chain of stores

Are not able to change the Preferences in Web Orders. These are set by your corporate offices with the help of DaySpring.

For Retailers who can change their Preferences

Checking or unchecking a Preference will apply it immediately to the current order. And we'll save any changes you've made to them when you place your order. Canceling or not submitting an order means any preference changes will also be lost.

*Do not allow duplicate Purchase Order numbers

You will not be able to submit an order with a PO number you have used previously on a Web Orders order.

*Do not allow ordering of On Order/Shipped items in last 7 days

You will not be able to add to an order any controlled system or gridded item that is currently On Order or has Shipped to you in the last 7 days.

*Do not allow ordering of non-system items

You will only be able to order items that are on a current grid or controlled system. (These systems are shown in the Add to Order by Location grid section. Use the drop down box to choose between them.)

*NEW FEB 16* 

*Repeatedly clicking a location will ADD quantity instead of removing the item from the order

This option will allow you to click a location to increase the quantity of the item ordered. By default the first click on a location will add the item, the second click will remove the item.