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The Order by Location grid

*NEW NOV 14* The Web Order Add To Order by Location grid section will show on the right OR at the bottom of your screen

*NEW NOV 14* It will appear at the bottom of the screen for devices with smaller screens. This section houses all the current grid pocket locations for any of your controlled or gridded systems. These are the systems you would find on the Grids page of the Retailer Services website.

Choose the system you want using the drop down menu at the top

By default your Everyday Counter card system and fixture A is chosen for you if you have one. By clicking on the down arrow by the name you'll see a list of your other gridded systems. They are listed by the simple name then a dash and our system code.

*Clear colored pockets

Clear buttons indicates the pocket is not on the current order and has not been ordered or shipped in the last 7 days.

*Colored pockets

If a pocket is currently on order or has shipped in the last 7 days it will be colored BEFORE you click on it.

*Added to order colored pockets

When you click a pocket to add it to an order the pocket will change to a dark color. If you remove an item from an order it will return to the previous color.

*NEW NOV 14* Grids with multiple fixtures will have fixture buttons for you to use

Only a single fixture's locations will appear at a time. Highlighter tray locations will appear at the end of a fixture's location buttons. Click the fixture letter to change between them.