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Items On Order or Shipped

We keep track of all the gridded system locations in your store

So we know if they are currently on order or have shipped in the last 7 days. We indicate this by coloring the pocket location in the Order By Location grid when it is first loaded. It is usually colored gold depending on your device.

*NEW NOV 14* If you add an item that is on order or has shipped in the last 7 days

You will see the date in the Ord/Ship column in the order detail section. If it is on order it will have an O by it and if it shipped it will have an S by it.

We're always determining what's the next best item

One of the reasons we have gridded or controlled systems is to allow us to give you the freshest new items for each pocket. We're daily doing our best to evaluate nation wide sales of our products and ranking their performance. Then on a regularly basis we determine the best mix of cards for our systems. So when you order a pocket location we choose the best item to send you.

Dynamic Grids

When you put this process of sending you the next best item for each pocket together for an entire gridded we call that a dynamic grid. This means that when you look at a grid from the Grids page on the Retailer Services website, you're seeing an up to date list of your unique combination of our products in the pocket locations there.

Which means you don't always get the same item that you have in a pocket now

Bottom line is that while you may order an item for a pocket that is in your store now, it may be a different item we send you for that pocket in your order. This substitution policy allows you to always have a great fresh mix of cards for your customers.