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Ideas for ordering

There are some things to think about when ordering

We understand our product may not be the easiest thing to order in your store. But they can be some of the most profitable things you sell and we hope Web Orders makes it even easier to order them. Here's some ideas to help in the process.

*NEW NOV 14* Go directly to your product locations and place your order with a mobile device

You've always been able to do this but the latest version of Web Orders is more designed for mobile devices than ever before! Place your order where the product is and be done!

Order by Location!

Once again we want to mention that if you are ordering product that has a grid, ordering by the pocket location (A1, etc.) is the way to go.

Order on a regular schedule

We recommend ordering at least once a week. With us showing you what's On Order or Shipped in last 7 days you won't be in danger of ordering something that should be coming soon or may already be in the back room. And you won't be out of stock on items that customers want. We say an empty pocket is like an empty apartment that isn't bringing the rent in.

If you have a lot of systems, break them up for different days.

Trying to reorder all your DaySpring product on one day may be too much. Figure out a mix that can allow you to get through the process in a timely basis.

Try out different reorder methods and find one that works for you

Like exercise, if you don't find a way of figuring out what to order each week that feels right to you, you are less likely to stick with it. Here are some of the ways we recommend you try:

*Go to the product racks and place the order there

Use your smart phone, tablet or Ipad to access the website and open up Web Orders.

*Gather up the reorder stickers

Pull the stickers that come with your product from behind the locations that need reordering. Stick them to a sheet or clipboard before bringing up Web Orders. Then use a scanner to quickly enter them.

*Print out a worksheet

Use the Create Worksheet button to print out the systems you need to check for reordering.

*Write down the locations

Then quickly click through them on the Add to Order By Location grid on the right side.