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An item won't add

You may enter an item and get a Message from webpage popup box

There are several reasons this can happen:

The number is wrong

Check and make sure the number you entered is correct. Mistyping a number is an easy mistake to make.

You are trying to order JY Notes

DaySpring 99 cent Value Notes are available only in cases of 72 units (4 each of 18 designs). To order a case, include "Please add item #8198340937 to my order" in the Special Instructions section of your order. The retail value of one case is $71.28, and costs $35.64 at standard terms of sale.

If you are interested in a JY Notes display or have other questions about this product, please contact either your sales representative or the Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-944-8000

This item is not a current Active or New item shipping from DaySpring. Closeout or Obsolete items cannot be added to an order through the Add Item field.

Remember an item you have ordered in the past may no longer meet the requirements.

Your store doesn't allow non-system (not on a grid) items.

Your Preferences set by you or your corporate office may only allow the currently shipping item for current gridded systems to be ordered. See the Preferences subject for more details.

What can I do?

You can still request the item be added to your order by typing your request into the Special Instructions section. PLEASE NOTE: This will delay your order from processing long enough for a DaySpring Order Entry employee to view your request and determine if it can be added to your order.