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Adjust quantity/remove an item

You may want to order more than a quantity of 1 for an individual item

You can do this in several ways.

Add the item again in the Loc/Prime/UPC field

After an item is part of your order, entering an item again through this field will increase the quantity by one. 

Use the plus and minus keys on either side of an Item's quantity

Each line of your order starts with a minus (-) symbol, quantity of an item and then a plus (+) symbol. Clicking on them will increase or decrease the quantity on the order by 1.

To remove an item

You can remove any item that has a quantity of 1. (Use the minus (-) key to adjust the quantity down to 1 if necessary.) When you click the minus symbol (-) on an item with a quantity of 1 you will remove the item. 

*NEW FEB 16* 

You can choose how clicking in the grid location adds or subtracts item quantity

By default clicking a location will add the item. Clicking again will remove it from the order. But you click the More button to see our Preferences section. When you click the bottom Preference you can click a location multiple times to increase the quantity. To reduce the quantity you would need to then use the minus symbol by the item in the order.