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Scan those cards! (or enter quantities by price point)


We HIGHLY recommend using a scanner attached to your computer as the easiest way to quickly enter the cards for your return. Put your cursor in the Scan Card UPC field on the screen and start scanning barcodes on your cards. As long as it is a card from the season you are returning it will find the price point and increase the Return Qty. by one each time you scan the bard code. You will be prompted if you attempt to scan a card we didn't send you for that season or if you scan more than the quantity of the cards we sent you for a single price point for that season.

If you don't have a scanner consider getting one

If quickly working through a stack of cards to do your return sounds good to you then shop to look at purchasing a scanner for your store. It is DaySpring's policy to NOT provide scanners to our customers OR recommend specific scanners for purchase as we cannot be sure of your store's computer set up and the compatibility of specific scanners to your system. A good place to start would be doing a search on an electronics or sales site such as Amazon for hand held barcode scanners or asking about them at a local electronics store near you.

Scan for retail units (single cards and packages)

Remember that the qtys on the web page by price point are for individual cards. If you have a package of cards you can scan the upc of one the cards multiple times to indicate the number of single cards in the package OR (new Nov 2013) you can scan the UPC and then click the letter P for the number of packages you have. This will increase the price point qtys by package counts (so if there are 3 in a package it will go to 3 and then 6 etc.). Once you scan in a UPC you can also use the + and - keys to adjust the qty for that scan.

You can always hand sort and count and enter your product qtys

Just sort your cards by price point (1.99, 2.99, etc.), count the total number of cards for a price point and type it into the box next to that price point. If there are multiple Product Lines(counter cards and sound cards, or multiple flex lines) remember to sort and enter these separately.