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Returning cards and envelopes to A.R.M. ministries

Box them up

Box all cards AND envelopes. Please keep them separate. You do NOT need to place individual envelopes with individual cards.

You are responsible for shipping costs.

We appreciate you covering the costs of sending your unsold product to a wonderful ministry. PLEASE NOTE THESE SHIPMENTS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR MEDIA MAIL.

Labeling your box(es)

DaySpring provides a page of the address for A.R.M. ministries on the back of the instructions page of the paper form which may come to you in the mail. And we provide a Print Shipping Labels button as part of the Web Returns Entry page. Both sheets provide four copies of the address. These can be cut or folded as needed and taped on to the box or boxes. That address :

American Rehabilitation Ministries

3605 North Main Street

Joplin, MO 64801.

Some Guidelines

*DO NOT return backcards *DO NOT return any damaged or soiled product *DO NOT use paper clips on cards (rubber bands are ok).