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The Web Returns Entry Page

Right side:

Scanning UPCs in the top right

The Scan Card UPC field is where you will put your cursor to allow a scanner attached to your computer to scan UPCs to add them to the Return. Click the New Scanning Features! link at the dark blue border above this area to learn more or read the New Scanning Features section of FAQ. Each session (when you open and work with a Return) you will see a list of the UPCs you are scanning in below the Scan Card UPC field.

Print Options

On an Available Return you will see three buttons. On a Submitted or Posted Return you will see only two:

  1. Print Blank Worksheet: let's you print a worksheet of Price Points and Groups to help with direct entry Returns. (only shows on Available Returns)
  2. Print Return: prints the Return as it is showing on the page.
  3. Print Shipping Labels: allows you to print a four up version of the address for A.R.M. ministries for returning your cards

Return Details

This area holds several areas of key information:

  1. The percentage you get of the total of your Return. This is usually 100% but may be lower due to your terms such as 30% of your return
  2. The Due Date and Close Date. Returns submitted after the Due Date may incur a late few (usually 25% of the return). Returns cannot be submitted after the Close Date.
  3. For Flex Returns you will see the lines we are asking you to keep and not return during this Return.

Return number and Total Quantity

Each Return has a unique ID number for reference. Total Quantity will show a running count of individual items entered in the Return

Left side:

Enter Comment, RTV or MTR button and area

Clicking this button on the left side of the return will expand out an area that allows you to add any special comments or an RTV/MTR number (a reference number to help you connect with a Return to your financial system. Please note that special comments will delay the processing of your Return as a person must look at these before releasing your return for processing.

Price Points on the left in groups

Cards can be grouped in a single season, groups of product lines (like Flex lines) or by types of products that have different discounts (like sound cards). Each of group will have the specific Price Points (card Retail Price) that were shipped to you. You need to enter the quantity of cards you have left by Price Point. You can enter them by scanning or direct entry.

Group totals

All the Price Points are totaled for the group which shows the Retail worth of your cards remaining. Then they are multiplied by the Discount that you paid when you bought the product from us. Remember that this may include some special offers or free stock. The result is the wholesale worth of product that you are returning. 

Return totals

You will see a total for all groups. If you are eligible for 100% of your return and are not incurring a late fee this will be the Return Credit Amount. If you are eligible for less than 100% of your return or are incurring a late fee you will see the calculations that result in your Return Credit Amount.

Return buttons and bottom notes

You can use the Clear All button to set ALL Price Point quantities to zero and clear all session UPC tracking. Save captures the Return you have entered so far. Submit completes the Return and locks it down for processing. We also include important notes at the bottom of the page that may be helpful to you. Please read as needed.