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What's new??? *NEW FEB 16* 

Below is a list of our biggest improvements.

We are auto saving your order

Every 30 seconds or so we save what you've entered

This is to minimize what you would lose if for any reason you have an issue during an order

You can Save an order

Just click the Save button

If it is green and says Saved it was just auto saved and doesn't need to be clicked

Reload a Saved order

If you have a Saved order you'll be prompted when you next open Web Orders

You can choose to load the Saved order or start over (which deletes the Saved order)

You'll be told if any items are no longer available when loading a Saved order

You can pre-pay with a Credit Card you have on file

After you click Place Order just choose one of your Credit Cards

No more need to add in special instructions

You can choose a Web Pay bank account to pay with at time of shipment

After you click Place Order just choose one of your bank accounts

If you order $100 or more you'll receive free freight on the order

You can request a later ship date up to 30 days in the future

After you click Place Order just choose the date you need

We'll do our best to ship it on that day

Highlighter tray items now appear as they do on the grid

You no longer need to scroll to the bottom of a fixture to find these items

Add the item 81988340937 to get the JY Notes assortment

No need for a note

Choose how you would like to add multiple items from the grid

Under More and Preferences you can choose to let you click a grid location multiple times to add more

Uncheck to return to the default of first click adds and second click removes an item

See multiple quantities ordered on the grid

If you order more than one of an item in a pocket it will show the quantity