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FAST START: Do your return!

Want to skip everything else and get right to processing your return? No problem!

Click on a return that says AVAILABLE on either the Web Returns page (link in the main menu along the top of the blue header) or in the Action List on the right side of the Home page. This will load the Web Returns Entry page for that return.

Scan your cards

We recommend using a scanner attached to your computer as the easiest way to quickly enter the cards for your return. Put your cursor in the Scan Card UPC field on the screen and start scanning barcodes on your cards. As long as it is a card from the season you are returning it will find the price point and increase the Return Qty. by one each time you scan the bard code. You will be prompted if you attempt to scan a card we didn't send you for that season or if you scan more than the quantity of the cards we sent you for a single price point for that season.

OR sort and enter the quantity of your cards by price point

You'll be prompted if you attempt to enter a quantity of that is higher than the quantity of the cards we sent you for that price point for that season.

Add comments or an RTV number

Click the Enter Comment or RTV button. This will reveal places for you to type in a comment or an RTV number as needed. RTV numbers will then show up on your Credit Memo to help you tie the credit back to this return.

Hit submit! It's that easy!

You'll get a message that the return has been submitted to DaySpring and reminding you to send your cards and envelopes to ARM Ministries. If you return to the Web Returns page and refresh it, you should now see your return is showing as submitted.

Box up and send your Cards and Envelopes to ARM Ministries

We provide a page for you to print that has the return address for the ministry four up. Fold or cut the paper and tape on your boxes as needed.